Three Dogs and a Girl is a boutique landscaping company. We specialize in organic landscape management, and residential garden design and installation unlike any other landscaping company in town.

  • Our Passion

Improve the beauty and health of the landscape by creating outdoor places for people that they are proud of and draw them closer to nature.

  • Our Drive

Help people live healthier and longer lives by finding design solutions that give back to the environment by cleaning our water supply, improving soil health and supporting diverse plant and animal communities.

  • Our Vision

Create healthy, beautiful landscapes that help preserve the balance of the biotic community so future generations can enjoy your landscape as much as you do.

“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”

– Renowned conservationist Aldo Leopold’s plea for a land ethic

Our Process

We begin by asking questions to find out what you like and don’t like about your existing landscape.
For example, we might ask what color flowers you like, if you are allergic to any plants or insects, or if you like to cut flowers and bring them inside. We discuss style: modern or classic, rectilinear or curvilinear, whether you want an intimate space, a large area for entertaining, or a relaxing environment.

The combinations are endless. The most important part of our job is to find out what you want and to a design solution that will fulfill your dreams.

Landscape as a Work of Art

“I think about designing a landscape the way an artist might think about creating a sculpture or painting. The plants are my pallet. The land is my three-dimensional canvas.”

– April Algaier, Owner, Operator, Designer

April is a trained landscape designer. Along with 25-plus years of practical experience, she studied landscape design and horticulture at the University of Nebraska. She is a member of Gamma Sigma Delta Honors Society, and received the Dean’s Certificate Of High Scholarship.


Klein Memorial Golf Tournament

Three Dogs and a Girl sponsors the Klein Memorial Golf Tournament. Proceeds form the tournament help fund the Don and Jane Klein Endowment fund providing scholarships to high school seniors in the Trinity Church community, and funding for local Parkinson’s organizations.

To find out how you can donate too, email us at aalgaier@gmail.com

Keaton Klein Golf Charity