Landscape Management

We work in harmony with nature so your landscape will be beautiful and healthy.

Detailed Maintenance Program

We make your landscape beds look picture perfect by removing any weeds and unwanted debris, cleaning up bed edges, trimming off spent flower blooms and dead foliage, and pruning shrubs and decorative trees to improve their health and form.

Organic Plant and Soil Care

We advocate an organic, sustainable approach to plant care by using environmentally sensitive treatment options to treat pests and diseases. We improve the quality of your soil by adding minerals and compost to promote healthier and stronger plants. With organic landscape management, children and pets can play without worry and without compromising the beauty of your landscape.


Are overgrown and unwanted plants consuming your landscape? Using our design expertise to reshape and revitalize your plants and landscape beds, we can restore your landscape to the way you and your designer originally intended.

Landscape Bed Maintenance

  • Deadhead spent blooms on roses and perennials.
  • Remove dead and diseased foliage.
  • Transplant and divide perennials.
  • Hand-pull weeds in beds.
  • Hand-edge bed lines.
  • Haul away and compost yard waste.
  • Organically manage soil and plant health.
  • Organically manage pests.
  • Install mulch and compost.

Treat your beds to a holistic manicure. Contact us for a free estimate.